house hunters

Most people are aware that when I moved to NY, I moved into a temp housing building (see my first post for more info). The difference between now and then is that I’m actually living here now, and I want to feel at home and be able to have guests over whenever I please, and cook in a kitchen, and have a decent wi-fi connection…the list goes on and on.

Well on my first day at my new job, I met a girl who felt the need to share with the entire world that she too was staying at the Webster. Me, eager to make connections with everyone, let her know who I was, and that I was staying in the same building too. That night at dinner, we chatted for a few hours, and I felt as though we hit it off; she’s definitely a sweet girl and from first impression, I got a good vibe from her. The next day, she, eager to get her own place, was going to meet with a broker and was too nervous to go alone. So again, eager to make a friend, I offered to go with her. We walk into the broker’s office and there are just rows upon rows of desks, each with an agent waiting to collect their fifteen percent broker’s fee. We sit down, and the woman began asking my new acquaintance what her preferences were, where she wanted her apartment to be, if she had any pets…then she paused. “Why haven’t the two of you thought about rooming together?” she asked. “You guys would save so much money and would be able to score a really nice place.” We looked at each other, and I said that I would be open to looking if she was. After all, we worked together, we had similar backgrounds, and it would save me money…so why not? It didn’t hurt to look, right?

So we were off, wandering around Manhattan, until we arrived at this two-level apartment. Walking in, I no longer felt like I was in Midtown, and instead I was in a hip DC apartment with a patio and backyard. My new acquaintance decided that this was the apartment that she had waited her whole life to have, and that it had to be hers. Sure, having a two bedroom/two bathroom apartment in the city was a rare find, but I would’ve had to go out of my budget to live there. The primary difference between her and I is that when I moved out of my parents’ house, I had the intent of providing for myself and not to go back to them in need of financial help except in dire situations. She, on the other hand, had mommy and daddy in her back pocket and she was all up in their wallet.

After practically begging me to apply for the apartment, I had to make it known several times to her that going out of my budget was not something I was going to do. So why did she then ask me to “sleep on it”? Strike one.

The next day, we go to see another broker in search of the perfect two bedroom apartment. This time around, the office looked sooooooooooo sketchy (if you’re in the city and looking for a place, DO NOT go to BestApartments). There were no real desks, but instead, these agents had folding tables. And our broker looked like one of Snooki’s rejected gorilla juice heads. What this girl failed to realize is that you cannot buy an apartment in NYC without doing research on the broker you are potentially going to use. Clearly, she did no research before bringing me along to meet this guy. Strike two.

Regardless, this guy promised to find us a place we would both love, and to my surprise, he did. An apartment in our price range, with new appliances, situated nicely on West 51st street. So we go back to his office, submit our application, our application fee, along with our checks for the first month’s rent. He told us that our checks would NOT be cashed until we were approved for the apartment, and even so he would call before cashing. Cool.

Friday night comes along, and naturally before going out to buy overpriced city drinks, I check my bank account…$1,400 is gone. So I text our broker (he doesn’t like being called…also sketchy) and ask him what’s going on with the apartment and why he didn’t notify me before cashing my check. He says he doesn’t know. Period. He. Doesn’t. Know. Where. My. Fourteen. Hundred. Dollars. Is. Strike Three.

At that very moment, I “kindly” let him know that I would no longer be working with him and that he was extremely unprofessional, shady, and untrustworthy. So later that day I let my former potential roommate know that I would no longer be looking at apartments with her, and I went to go pick up my check.

Yes, I left out some other crazy unprofessional Best Apartments details…and if you’re interested, you can ask and I’ll gladly tell you. But long story short, I don’t want a roommate. I don’t want to work with shady brokers. And looking for a nice place in the city is one of the hardest things you will ever do in life.




so, I live in New York City…



I’m trying to wrap my head around the fact that I LIVE here…not visiting…but residing in this ginormous city. I have a new job, and I’m about to start a new life here; it’s crazy. And even though I woke up to the cityscape and traffic sounds outside of my window, it still hasn’t sunk in yet. I think it’s mostly because everything happened so fast for me. While I was here for fashion week, I had a job interview, but I didn’t expect an even better job offer from the company to fall into place so effortlessly. All I can say to that is God is good!

So like anyone would, I seized the opportunity to get out of the DMV and packed my bags, however now that I’m here, I’m really starting to miss my friends from home. Going from living in your parents’ house in the suburbs, then being dropped in the middle of Manhattan is a huge adjustment. I can count on one hand the acquaintances I have here…and that’s scary; I’m not the type to naturally put myself out there, so this move is also going to force me to get over that.

So last night I went out on a limb, and I went out. To a party. With people I barely knew. Crazy? Yes. Unsafe? Maybe. But necessary, I’d say definitely; I can’t spend my weekends cooped up in my room gazing out of my window. So i go to this party a couple blocks from my spot, and I got my first official taste of the New York nigga (LOL)…so of course tree and henny were in abundance. The henny definitely helped me leave the party with a number, not a man’s number, but the number of a potential friend! I’m so proud of myself! *pats back*

I knew this move was going to be a major adjustment, but I think it’s really what I need…it’s a challenge. It’s pretty f*****g scary, but this is my life now, and I’m so excited for this journey.


P.S….This “journey” is about to strain my wallet…all of these fabulous stores around me should be illegal…I went shopping two days in a row. But hey, at least I’ll look good 😉

nyfw…it’s been real. until next season…

The saying really is true: if you can make it in New York, you can make it anywhere. And if you can handle an office full of bitches, missing models and a million and one things to do at the same time during New York Fashion Week in a foot of snow, you can definitely handle anything. As I look out of my window onto the snow falling in the city, I’m not really sure how to summarize the past couple weeks. I’ve made some new friends, met and worked with one of my favorite designers, learned a ton, and worked my butt off. I’m extremely grateful for my two production team mommas, who have shown me every detail that goes into putting on a *SUCCESSFUL* fashion show…even when the chips are stacked against us, and even when you haven’t heard from the designer when his show is in four days…

All in all, being here has been a simply amazing experience, and I think more than anything I’ve really seen what hard work and motivation can do for you. I’m inspired and motivated, and ready to see what lies ahead for me. Now it’s time to enjoy my last couple days in the city…


it’s all in the details

Today was the day I had been anticipating the most since I arrived to New York…the Alon LivnĂ© presentation. Honestly, he should’ve had a runway show…and it truly makes me sad that he didn’t have enough money for runway because his pieces were GORGEOUS. If you know anything about Alon, you know that he does very unique, structured pieces…but this collection was completely different. It’s a more wearable collection for sure, but oh my goodness…the details were astonishing. All of the hand beading, jewels, the way the fabric draped over the girls…beautiful. And those headpieces were to DIE for. Everything went so smoothly today and everyone who came this afternoon were speechless; Alon is so talented and I hope he blows up soon.




But besides the show, I am in love with NYC…I’m dreading going back home Saturday. The people I’ve met here are phenomenal, and the city is just perfection…



cue the models…

The past few days have been crazy in the midst of NYFW. I’m really not sure what to say really, besides my new pet peeve is late or missing models! The Erin Fetherston presentation had a model not show up and Charlotte Ronson’s show had a model show up 5 minutes before the start time. Models are LITERALLY running from venue to venue because of their tight schedules. But nevertheless, both shows were a success.

Erin’s theme was Charm School, and she did just that. I was pretty impressed with her feminine frocks and attention to detail.

photo 1 (2)


photo 2 (2)

Charlotte Ronson went for a darker, more edgy collection for Fall…and it was cute. Ronson definitely isn’t the next big thing, but she does cute collections well. The dark hues, leather and bold florals are all things I will definitely be incorporating into my wardrobe this year. The show was packed and surely a hit with her sister, Sam, DJ’ing. Several celebs were also in the building including Zendaya, the Hilton sisters, Angela Simmons, Jesse Mecalf, Adrienne Bailon and Nick Jonas.

photo 5 photo 4 (1) photo 3 (2)

Oh, and did I mention I met Alon LivnĂ©?! He’s simply amazing.


Le Grand Jour est Presque LĂ 

Fashion Week starts on Thursday, and it’s getting hard to believe that we are a mere two days away. There are a ton of things to do and so many loose ends to tie up for this week’s shows. My day started with a visit to Charlotte Ronson’s office…in the midst of model casting and beauty testing…one word: chaos.

As I made my way through the city today, I just oddly felt at home and comfortable, like I’m meant to be here in some capacity. Waking up, walking down the street and seeing the Empire State Building is something anyone can get used to. And I’m not the only one feeling this way. Usually I’m in the office with the production team, but today I was sitting in the intern office doing work. One of the interns I befriended today is from Paris, and once we got off work we walked to 34th street together. She was telling me how she is head over heels in love with NYC and hopes to move here permanently once she finishes school, as she is doing a study abroad program here from Normandy. Something truly sets New York apart from any other city. Hearing her story really resonated with me.

But anywho…Alon LivnĂ© came into the office…ya know…no big deal…just one of my favorite designers at the moment…ya know the one who designs fabulous pieces for BeyoncĂ© and things like this (Chrissy Teigen):


Seeing his collection in pictures and in person are two verrrrry different things. So much architectural detail goes into his pieces…they are truly one of a kind and so beautiful! He loves doing the sheer thing…but my goodness if I had a few grand to spare, there’s one dress I would definitely spluge on…and did I mention how cute he is in person?

Anyway…that was my Tuesday. Every blog post I write has me more anxious for Fashion Week to start! Cmonnnnn Thursday!

P.S. I think it’s supposed to snow again tomorrow…joy.


fashion week means no snow day…

After a great weekend, it was time to head back to work. Two fashion shows, an after party, and a potential dinner date to look forward to gives this week much promise.

Today was pretty chill…still getting final details together for our first show Thursday. WHEW. So. Much. To. Do. Not to mention, this designer isn’t the easiest to work with…but I digress.

The real terror of the day was trekking through almost a foot of snow in heeled booties (yes, I realize this was dumb of me…I was EXPECTING the sidewalks to be cleared -_-)…but nonetheless, it was a beautiful sight coming home…


don’t drink the champagne

The past two days have been exhausting…so much to do gearing up for fashion week!

But let me tell you guys about these characters at this office…so it’s Thursday, it’s getting late…and most of the office is at Saks preparing for this NFL party. I was not tasked to don all black and work the event, so I’m thinking it’s about time for me to head home. As I’m packing up my things, one of the ladies I’m working under asks myself and another intern if we would like to go with her to the party…so of course I agree to tag along. We’re on our way but my “supervisor” gets out to pick up something and sends us on to Saks in the cab…okay cool. So me and my new intern friend arrive to the party greeted with salty looks from the interns who are actually working the event. We check our bags and coats and walk on in. This was literally one of the most awkward moments of my life LOL. I was told that I looked fine for the event (I was wearing wine colored skinnies, boots and a sweater) but there were models dripping in diamonds wearing gowns, men serving ritzy champagne and hors d’oeuvres…and here we were, fresh from the office and underdressed.

We tried making the most of it while waiting for the woman who abandoned us by chit-chatting a bit. Come to find out my intern buddy is from New York but trying to make that move to DC…my opposite. In the meantime, time is ticking by, so my new friend suggests we grab a glass of champagne. While I was hesitant, she had been working with the firm since fall, and she ensured that it was acceptable since we were not working the event. Cool. So as the waiter comes around, I grab my glass of champs, and just as I raise my glass, this Becky from the office bum-rushes us and sneers saying we can’t drink at the party. Okay, no big deal. Well doesn’t this trick make a beeline right to the director of the firm to tell her what happened?? I’m reading their lips and it’s not good…she walks over asking why we aren’t dressed in black and who brought us here…so I tell her we weren’t planning on coming but we were invited last minute. She says fine, but no drinking. At that point…I just felt super uncomfortable. Not only was I snitched on by this stick figure Becky, I just felt super out of place without the proper attire. I waited for my team leader to come, told her what happened and made my way out onto Fifth Avenue to find my way home…

Today, I was nervous someone was going to say something else about the night’s events…but nope, I was in the clear and got back to my assignments. We had meetings with a couple of the designers we are working with about details and where we are as far as the budget is concerned. I’m learning that sooo much goes into a show before you even cast the models. Most of these things are obvious, but you don’t typically think about these finishing touches when you’re watching collections waltz down the runway.

All in all, today was a good day. I’m enjoying getting to know these PR powerhouses I’m working with. I would say TGIF, but we have errands and more meetings tomorrow afternoon!


the early bird catches the worm…or nah?

Today was my very first day working in the PR office, and only one word describes it: insane. To be honest, I was expecting some crazy Devil Wears Prada drama to go on (although one girl started crying in the office…apparently someone yelled at her)…but I found that mostly everyone is cool, just frantic trying to get everything done.

Being the good worker that I am, I arrived to the office about 15 minutes early, eager to get started. Only to find out that no one was in the office, and most of the PR team doesn’t show up until 10:30am. The owner of the firm eventually came and let me up, and shortly thereafter my day began.

My first task? Unpack and sort a new shipment from a designer client. Where I work isn’t just a PR firm, but it also has a showroom where designer clients set up their collections and buyers can come in, peruse the clothes or jewelry and select pieces to purchase for their boutiques, stores, or clients. Needless to say, while unpacking this brand-new, never-before-seen collection…I was in heaven. Even though it was my first task as a mere intern, I knew I was in the right place.

After setting up the clothes in the showroom, I was then assigned to work with the production team. Too. Hype. I am so excited that I assigned here…I will be working first hand with the team preparing for fashion week shows…two of which are pretty big names.

To sum it all up, today was insanely awesome, and I feel like I’m in the right place…feels like home. Here’s some pics I snapped: